About AIJ Partners

AIJ Partners is focused on providing advisory, tax and accounting services to national corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals. We understand what it takes to build and maintain something great and are passionate about solving problems and maximizing our clients’ potential. We focus on operational efficiency, aligning company strategies, and planning for the future. We appreciate those who welcome change, operate with a sense of urgency, and are not afraid to push the limits of their imagination.

Since the company’s founding, Stanislav “Stan” Jansta and Robert “Bobby” Abreu sought to create an advisory firm focused on solving complex problems and building lasting relationships. With a focus on a passion for their work, they created a spirited, creative, and innovative firm.

We assess client’s existing business processes and systems and then identify improvement areas to support their strategic objectives. We provide an invaluable outside perspective that helps solve complex problems and improve performance. This approach is the cornerstone of AIJ Partners' mission and the driving force behind its success with its clientele.